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A slippery setback for Maren Lundby: crashes during training

A scary moment for the Ski Jumping Queen today, she fell immediately after landing on the large hill in Lillehammer. Fortunately it ended with just a scare.

While others are enjoying a holiday in the sun, Maren Lundby was training in Lillehammer today. The Ski Jumping Queen is working hard on her comeback and her dream to win another crystal globe.

In a rainy training session, Maren faced an unexpected challenge today on the large hill. As she soared through the air and jumped towards the hill size, a sudden misstep after landing led to a fall. However, a video shared on her Instagram provided relief, showing that the GOAT quickly got back on her feet.

Fortunately Maren is alright and it ended with just a scare. But knowing that she approaches each jump with this kind of unwavering dedication and passion, shows that the setbacks she faces are merely stepping stones on the path to further success in her already unparalleled career.


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