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Absence continues: Norwegian ski jumpers skip SGP

After missing the start of the SGP in Courchevel, the Norwegian women again shine in absence during the next stage in Poland. Hopplandslaget has again decided not to take the trip.

Silje Opseth during last year's SGP in Klingenthal (Photo:
Silje Opseth during last year's SGP in Klingenthal (Photo:

Last week, the Summer Grand Prix season was opened with two competitions in Courchevel. This week the circuit lands in Poland for two competitions on the HS104 in Szczyrk. And just like last week, the Norwegian stars are absent once again. An official reason for the absence has not been given.

As the summer season this year spans from June through to the October event in Klingenthal, the Norwegian team's decision to skip certain SGP stages may raise questions. However, with the winter on their mind, the team may prioritize extensive training and readiness for the upcoming season over participation in the SGP. Also, the diminishing significance of the SGP over time may have played a role in their decision.

HoppNorge Challenge

For fans eager to catch their favorite ski jumpers in action, the HoppNorge Challenge offers hope. Formerly known as the Hopplandslaget en Raw Air Challenge, this exciting week in Lillehammer will kick off on August 14 and continue through the 17th. The stars will show their talents in challenging competitions such as Elimination, Target, and Marathon, promising a thrilling spectacle for spectators and enthusiasts.


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