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Eirin Maria Kvandal becomes Norgesmester, impressive Anna Odine Strøm

The winter season has officially kicked off with the Norgesmesterskap. On the K95 in Midtstuen, it was one girl who took the Kongepokal home and another who showed why she will absolutely be in the mix for the overall World Cup.

Eirin Maria Kvandal (Photo: HoppNorge)
Eirin Maria Kvandal has become Norgesmester (Photo: HoppNorge)


On the Midtstubakken, it was Eirin Maria Kvandal who is the happy recipient of the Kongepokal. The Mosjøen girl immediately took the lead in the first round, leaving the top favorite Anna Odine Strøm behind her. Eirin jumped 84 meters and although she jumped 15.5 meters shorter than Anna, she jumped from 12 gates lower. It resulted in a 0.2 lead margin.

In round two, Kvandal and Strøm continued their battle for the win. It was again Eirin who came out on top. Jumping from gate 12, she came to a distance of 86.5 meters, good enough for a total points of 286.3 and the title of Norgesmester.

The favorite

Absolute favorite for the title was Anna Odine Strøm and although she came in second, she did deliver. It was a strong performance that showed why the Alta girl will be in the mix for the overall World Cup this season. In the first round, Anna jumped 99.5 meters and got close to Eirin.

Anna kept the battle with Eirin close in the second round. Trying to attack Eirin, Anna lowered the gate to 14 and jumped 84 meters in the round that was delayed by wind. It got her a total of 281.4 points, just 4.9 points behind the winner.

One thing is certain, Anna is ready to mingle in the title fight for the overall World Cup this season.

Small hill payback

Silje Opseth also showed a very strong performance. She struggled on the smaller hills last season, but her new training outlook is starting to pay off. Silje jumped 94.5 meters in the first round and was just 9.5 points behind Eirin.

Showing that the good jump in round one wasn't a one time deal, Silje jumped the furthest of the competition, she put her skis down after 104.5 meters. It resulted in a total of 269.6 points and a third spot.

Just short

Last year's champion, Thea Minyan Bjørseth, was just short of the medals, finishing fourth. Jumping 93.5 and 94 meters, she still showed that she made progress this summer and that we can expect something from this talented jumper this winter.

Prosjekt 2026

Heidi Dyhre Traaserud has already shown throughout the summer that she has made an amazing step and today she finished fifth, above HoppNorge rookies Ingvild Synnøve Midtskogen and Kjersti Græsli and Prosjekt team mate Nora Midtsundstad. Heidi jumped 84.5 and 94 meters.

The Norgesmesterskap continues with the mixed team competition and finishes tomorrow with the Kretslag competition.

Full results

Eirin Maria Kvandal, Anna Odine Strøm, Silje Opseth, Thea Minyan Bjørseth
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