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First look on the 23/24 draft: World Cup in Vikersund

The calendar for the 2023/2024 season is starting to take shape and there are some major changes compared to last season. One of the biggest might be that the Raw Air finale in Vikersund might receive the World Cup status.

The historic 15 after their first taste of Vikersund last season. There might be more of it next season. (Photo NTB)

There have been FIS meetings in Zurich these last days to plan and set the calendar for next season. One of the issues was Vikersund: will it receive World Cup status or not? According to Hopplandslaget on their website, it might already receive that status next season. And in addition to that, Oberstdorf also applied for a World Cup in ski flying.

"It is important that we apply with World Cup status and we deserve that."

The ski jumping queen herself, Maren Lundby, is obviously thrilled with the news that Vikersund will be upgraded and that Oberstdorf might be added. "It is important that we apply with World Cup status and we deserve that," she said. She's looking forward to jump in Oberstdorf that looks like a "cool" hill. "We want to be able to fly on more hill," she concludes.

"This could become historic again"

Clas Brede Bråthen is also happy with the decisions made these last days. "This could become historic again," he said and called the draft "the best jumping calendar of all time". He sees a lot of exciting developments, especially in the women's calendar, that could create more opportunities for the sport and will push it in the right direction.

(Source: Hopplandslaget)


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