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Flying high: A promising day for the rising stars

In the heat of the Summer Grand Prix action, the four promising jumpers displayed some good progress during a very solid competition in Rasnov.

Nora, Ingvild, Kjersti and Heidi all scored points in Rasnov (Photo: Prosjekt 2026)
Nora, Ingvild, Kjersti and Heidi all scored points in Rasnov (Photo: Prosjekt 2026)

Rasnov was the stage for the Summer Grand Prix and four rising stars tried their best to shine. It turned out to be a solid day where Heidi, Ingvild, Nora and Kjersti all scored their very first SGP points.

Top ten

Looking at her previous results from this summer, it was already clear that Heidi Dyhre Traaserud made huge steps. She continued to show the progress and in the first round she jumped 82.5 meters, finishing tenth. Heidi did not stop there and only improved in the second round. She jumped 88.5 meters and was just shy of the top five, as she ended up in a very good sixth place. It's Heidi's goal to jump in the World Cup this winter and if she keeps making good progress and good jumps, she definitely deserves a shot.

Competition development

Ingvild Synnøve Midtskogen, Nora Midtsundstad and Kjersti Græsli all had a solid day, where the focus really should be put on the competition experience and development. If these talented girls get more gameday experience, the results will only get better.

Ingvild finished the first round as twelfth after jumping 83.5 meters. Unfortunately she dropped some places in the second round after a 83 meter jump, but did manage to end in the top fifteen.

Nora, the most experienced girl of the four, showed some resilience throughout the competition. In round one, she jumped 80.5 meters, which was good enough for the nineteenth spot. She improved one position in the second round after jumping 85 meters.

Kjersti was very consistent throughout the competition. In round one, she jumped 77 meters and improved by a few meters in the second round, jumping 81.5 meters. It was good enough to finish the competition as twenty second.

The competition was won by a very dominating Nika Kriznar. She was joined on the podium by her Slovenian colleague Ema Klinec and Japanese talent Nozomi Maruyama, who shared the number two spot.

Solid day

With three out of four girls in the top 20, it was a very solid day for the rising stars. You can clearly see the progress these girls have made and it's going to be exciting to see these girls grow over the coming months.

Tomorrow is the next chance to shine and to show the progression as the next competition in Rasnov is set to begin at 11:00.


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