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Hopplandslaget's electrifying rebrand: becomes HoppNorge

Exciting team news today from the team as they rebranded themself before the start of the 2023/2024 season. A rebrand that can only be described as fitting for the trailblazing team in ski jumping.

The team sporting the new logo (Photo: NTB) Maren Lundby
The team sporting the new logo (Photo: NTB)

In a stunning display of vibrant creativity, HoppNorge (before Hopplandslaget), has introduced an exhilarating rebrand set to redefine the future of the team. On their social media, the pioneering powerhouse in ski jumping has embraced a bold, bright, and vibrant rebrand that will set them apart from other teams.

The green line

The most outspoken color on the new look, is unmistakably the bright green. It represents the green laser line that is projected on the hill. As we know, ski jumping was invented in Norway, and so was the green line. The team describes the line as a symbol of reaching further, to take the lead. "We are a team that reaches further, reaches for the green line."

"We are a team that reaches further"
A bold, bright, and green logo
A bold, bright, and green logo


Besides a striking new logo, the team also changed its name from Hopplandslaget to HoppNorge. It feels more in line with the community it represents.

A bright future

The rebrand really comes at a time where the team has its sights firmly set on the future, while not looking away from the past. The new look is not only a fresh start, it's a symbol for their commitment to break barriers, embrace excellence, and inspire a new generation of talented athletes. With this bold, bright and vibrant look, HoppNorge's future is looking more promising and exciting than ever before.


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