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Injury scare forces Maren Lundby to say goodbye to football

Football was one of the biggest outlets for Maren during her struggles with weight. Now it was that outlet which almost forced her to skip the coming season. But instead, she has set big goals for herself.

Maren Lundby during training camp earlier this summer (Photo: Hopplandslaget)
Maren Lundby during training camp earlier this summer (Photo: Hopplandslaget)

Football was one of the alternative ways for Maren Lundby to prepare for the coming season. After struggling with weight issues, the Ski Jumping Queen had to make adjustments in her training regime. But now it turns out that football was almost the reason Maren had to give up the 2023/2024 season.

Twisted knee

In June, Maren's team and her Kolbu KK teammates were playing a match against Vardal. In that match, the one thing Maren feared most almost happened: an injury that would force her to give up the coming season. After a tough duel with one of the Vardal players, Maren twisted her knee and was in pain. Fortunately for her, the pain went away after a few days.

"I was unsure whether the meniscus was still there"

Three weeks ago, again against Vardal, Maren played the whole match. Unfortunately the knee began to swell and Maren started to worry. "At one point I was unsure whether the meniscus was still there or whether it had simply torn or loosened," she told NRK in an interview.

Feared the season

If she had sustained a bad injury to her meniscus, it would have required surgery and at least six months of rehabilitation, immediately erasing all hopes and dreams for the 23/24 season. On her birthday, September 7, Maren had an MRI check-up. Fortunately for the Greatest Of All Time, the MRI showed that the meniscus was not torn.

In that moment, Maren was tough and clear to herself: no more football. And until her ski jumping career is over, Maren decided that there won't be much football anymore, something she had done ever since she was a little kid.

Coach Jermund Lunder (Photo: NTB)
Coach Jermund Lunder (Photo: NTB)

Calculated risk

Maren's coaches were well aware of the risk she was taking when she stepped on the football pitch, but it was a calculated one.

Coach Jermund Lunder, who has been training Maren for years, explained that the coaching staff felt that the positive effects it would have on Maren were greater than the risk.

For Maren, football was an outlet. One she's been searching for ever since she had to completely change her training regime because of the weight challenges she faced after the world championships in Oberstdorf.

Best in the world again

But now, Maren is back in business and one thing's for certain, she does not shy away from big goals and isn't afraid to let her ambitions shine through.

"I want to be the best in the world again"

To NRK, Maren was clear: "I want to be the best in the world again. Winning the overall World Cup is the goal." The big highlight this year is going to be ski flying in Vikersund. And Maren is all set on setting a new world record.

(Source: NRK)


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