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Line Jahr: inspiring girls in ski jumping

Ski jumping is a world that used to be dominated by men. Now that the women get more and more opportunities on the hill, Line Jahr has now made it a goal to normalize that women can be coaches and to get more women into the support team.

Line Jahr, coach of Prosjekt 2026 (Photo: Anders Kongsrud)
Line Jahr, coach of Prosjekt 2026 (Photo: Anders Kongsrud)

In an interview with the Norges Idrettsforbundet, Line Jahr speaks openly about her experiences in the male-dominated world of ski jumping. Line's ski jumping journey is a testament to resilience and empowerment. From a young age in Vikersund, she knew ski jumping was her passion. Despite facing doubts as a girl, Line persevered, earning NM gold and equality prizes.

Now, as a coach, Line continues to champion gender equality in ski jumping. She recognizes the challenges she faced when transitioning from jumper to coach, but remains determined to normalize women in coaching roles. Line actively recruits more women, like Ingebjørg Saglien Bråten, to join the support system.

Line's training approach prioritizes injury prevention for girls, drawing from her own experiences. She challenges the traditional research that mainly focuses on men and tailors training to fit the unique needs of female athletes.

Additionally, Line emphasizes the significance of adapting training to the menstrual cycle. By understanding hormone changes, she aims to optimize performance and foster a greater understanding among practitioners.

For Line, coaching young girls in ski jumping holds special importance. She believes in providing a supportive environment where girls feel heard and seen alongside their male counterparts. Her goal is to empower them during this transformative period of their lives.

Line Jahr's journey extends beyond sport. Her advocacy for gender equality, tailored training, and inclusive leadership serves as an inspiration for girls everywhere.

In conclusion, Line Jahr's story highlights her unwavering determination and commitment to empowering girls in ski jumping. Through her coaching, she breaks barriers, challenges norms, and encourages girls to pursue their dreams fearlessly. Line Jahr is a true role model for the next generation of female athletes.

(Source: Idrettsforbundet)


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