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Maren Lundby to attend Liverpool Festival, skips Szczyrk

Well before the start of the Summer Grand Prix in July, it is already known that the competition in Poland will be without the Ski Jumping Queen. Instead, Maren will be making an appearance at the Liverpool Festival in Gjøvik alongside several other greats.

Maren in the Anfield dressing room in front of the shirt of her favorite player, Sadio Mané (Photo: Maren Lundby)
Maren in the Anfield dressing room in front of the shirt of former player Sadio Mané (Photo: Maren Lundby)

The decision was announced on Maren's Instagram after the organizer of the Liverpool Festival posted it on their account. More details were later revealed on the festival's website. Maren will be one of the guests during the "Livergirls Only Lunch" and will later make her appearance on the festival terrain.

Besides Maren, other greats will also make their appearance during the lunch. The organizer promises ninety minutes (+ overtime) with Maren and John Aldridge. Aldridge played in Liverpool in the late eighties and scored over sixty goals for the Reds. Andy Hodgson will provide musical entertainment during lunch.

It is still unknown how the rest of the summer season will look like for Maren and the others in the team.

(Source: Liverpool Festival)


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