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Positive verdict for Granåsen: a dream come true for FIS

With the preparations for the upcoming World Cups and World Championship in full swing, FIS came to inspect the new facilities in Granåsen. There was a lot of praise and many nice words.

Final inspections before the big test in March (Photo: Trondheim 2025)
Final inspections before the big test in March (Photo: Trondheim 2025)

With the new hills in Granåsen opened and athletes testing the grounds, it was time for FIS' final inspections of the new facilities in Trondheim before the first World Cups. The officials, with a.o. Chika Yoshida were clearly impressed.

Enthusiastic Pertile

The inspection, on the morning of October 11th, with representatives from FIS, Infront, NRK, the NSF and the WSC organizers, was primarily aimed to find solutions for the upcoming test events during the World Cup next winter, but also for the main event itself.

"This was a dream"

Race director for the men's World Cup, Sandro Pertile, expressed his enthusiasm by saying: "It has been a truly fantastic day. I am very impressed by the quality of the facility in Trondheim. This was a dream, not only for Trondheim and Norway, but also for FIS to have such a top facility built."

The hills in Trondheim seem ready for the upcoming World Cups during Raw Air in March. And although Pertile acknowledged that some of the details around the audience, logistics and media still need to be fine tuned, he was optimistic.

"I am sure that we will have a fantastic WSC in Trondheim. I believe it will be better than in 1997 when we had fantastic experiences here in Granåsen," the race director expressed with great confidence, looking ahead to the main event in February in 2025.

"The test WSC promises to be exciting and enjoyable"

WSC Chef, Åge Skinstad, was relieved and overjoyed by the glowing feedback from FIS, calling it "good news for us." He acknowledged that there is still a lot of planning and work ahead, but having such a high-quality facility is reassuring.

Skinstad hopes that the coming World Cup competitions, the test WSC, will be well executed and full of valuable learning experiences. "The test WSC promises to be exciting and enjoyable," he concludes.

(Source: Trondheim2025)


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