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Searching for form: might miss season opener

While things are looking up for Maren Lundby, the Ski Jumping Queen might be forced to skip the season opener in Lillehammer. But all with a bigger goal in mind.

Maren Lundby might miss the season opener (Photo: NTB)
Maren Lundby might miss the season opener (Photo: NTB)

While her teammates are enjoying the hills and good conditions in Lillehammer, Maren Lundby has chosen to sideline herself. She is still searching for the form she wants in order to be able to perform on the highest level: competing for podium spots.

World record

In an interview with TV2, the girl from Toten says that it’s all about prioritizing what comes later this season. It’s no secret that Maren wants to set a new world record in Vikersund. It means that she will probably not compete in Lillehammer.

A possible start for Maren will either be the competitions in Engelberg or Garmisch-Partenkirchen, both new hills on the World Cup calendar. Maren admits that the competitions in Garmisch and Oberstdorf have been a small goal for her this season.

Weight issues

Maren is very open about the fact that she takes no pleasure in competing, while knowing that she could be placed better than she is right now. In order to get to where she wants to be, Maren is working hard in the gym and on the cross country skis.

Like last year, it’s all about getting the weight right. For some years now, Maren has been dealing with a body that doesn’t respond properly to her training. It forced her to miss the Olympics and thoughts of retirement came up.

Now however, the G.O.A.T. (greatest of all time), has no intentions of quitting and is ready to compete on the high level she has been for the bigger part of her 17 year old career at the top level.

(Source: TV2)


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