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Silje Opseth reigns supreme on the large hill

After a dominating performance on the large hill in Lillehammer, Silje Opseth took the win at the Plastmesterskap. The new summer champ showed her strong flying capabilities.

Silje Opseth is the new summer champ on the large hill (Photo: Hopplandslaget)
Silje Opseth is the new summer champ on the large hill (Photo: Hopplandslaget)

This year's Plastmesterskap is characterized by a poor field of participants. During Saturday's competition on the normal hill, five girls competed for the win. On Sunday, only three girls took on the K123 in Lillehammer. But it was Silje Opseth who, with a strong performance, showed who's the boss on the large hill.

Anna Odine Strøm would've been the fourth jumper this competition, but unfortunately had to back out of the competition. The reason for that is currently unknown.

She may have been the favorite to win beforehand, and she didn't disappoint: Silje jumped 129 meters and took a 14,4 point lead over Thea Minyan Bjørseth in the first round. Thea, who won on the normal hill on Saturday, jumped 122,5 meters. Ingvild Synnøve Midtskogen completes the field after jumping 89 meters.

The competition became closer in the second round. Thea jumped 124 meters and closed the gap to Silje. But Silje immediately countered with a solid 123,5 meter jump and won the competition on the large hill with a 9,6 points lead over Thea. Ingvild completes the podium after jumping 93,5 meters.


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