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Team Norway secures the silver medal at the European Games

Team Norway showed up in Zakopane with some serious skills and determination at the European Games. They soared high and landed with a silver medal firmly in their hands!

Team Norway with a well deserved silver medal (Photo: Hopplandslaget)
Team Norway with a well deserved silver medal (Photo: Hopplandslaget)

Eight solid jumps on the HS105 in Zakopane, showcased the determination and talent of the Norwegian athletes. Anna Odine Strøm, Robert Johansson, Eirin Kvandal, and Marius Lindvik formed an exciting team, who etched their names in history by securing the first ski jumping medal for Team Norway at the European Games.

It all started with Anna, the fearless jumper from Alta, who loves to jump first in the team. She set the bar high with a good 94 meters in the first round. Building upon her success, she pushed her limits even further in the second round, executing a nice landing after a solid 95-meter jump. It was the start of a very exciting competition.

Following was Robert, the man with the mustache who lost his spot on the national squad. He delivered a stunning performance with a jump of 99.5 meters in the first round, overtaking Slovenia and propelling Team Norway to a second-place position. The second round proved equally impressive, with Robert displaying great composure during his rock-solid jump of 98 meters.

Robert Johansson (Photo: Hopplandslaget)
Robert Johansson (Photo: Hopplandslaget)

Up next was the girl from Mosjøen, Eirin Maria Kvandal. She made a great impact with her powerful start of 97.5 meters in the first round. Her exceptional performance captivated the audience, and in the second round, she unleashed her full potential once again, reaching an impressive 100 meters. Although her landings still require some work, her progress is undeniable.

The spotlight then shifted to Marius, the anchor of Team Norway. Despite his jumps not breaking length records, his determination and focus were evident. With leaps of 92.5 and 94.5 meters, he surpassed Slovenia in the final round, securing the silver medal for the team.

Overall, it was a strong team performance by everyone in the team that put Norway right in the middle of the two big favorites. Austria was unbeatable and won with a 62.6 points margin over Norway. Slovenia came in third, trailing Norway by just 4.7 points.

Today marks a milestone for the team. By securing the silver medal, they are now the vice European champions. The team showed unity, dedication and skill. While the summer is still early, and the winter is where it really happens, it's good to see that this team is on it's way to show what it can do. Well done, team!


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