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The queen is back: Maren sets her sight on a fourth globe

After overcoming challenges in the past few seasons, Maren Lundby is back. After a successful comeback last season, she now has her eyes set on greater achievements, aiming to claim her fourth overall World Cup title and dominate the ski flying event in Vikersund.

Maren Lundby at the celebrity match at the Norway Cup (Photo: NTB)
Maren Lundby at the celebrity match at the Norway Cup (Photo: NTB)

In a recent interview with Dagbladet and Nettavisen, Maren shared her determination to reach these ambitious goals. Last year, coming back from weight issues, her focus was on breaking into the top 15 in the World Cup rankings. However, this season, she has set her eyes on getting another Crystal Globe and to jump the furthest in Vikersund.

"I'd say it's a pretty hairy goal"

Last season's World Ski Championships in Planica marked a turning point for Maren. Despite facing weight-related challenges, she made an impressive comeback and secured a silver medal in the large hill event, boosting her confidence and setting the stage for an even better performance this season.

Acknowledging the scale of her ambitions, Maren admits to Dagbladet: "I'd say it's a pretty hairy goal considering the results I had last season". Nevertheless, she thrives under pressure and embraces the high expectations placed on her. Eager to attack from the start, Maren believes that being in a competitive position early on will drive her performance to new heights.

" I really feel in better shape than ever"

Maren's resilience and determination have been huge in overcoming her weight challenges. When asked by Nettavisen about her current physical condition, she confidently states, "I really feel in better shape than ever." As she has gotten older and gotten more training, Maren acknowledges that she is now in better shape than a few years ago, at least physically.

Maren has always been open about her weight issues and now she admits that that has been beneficial for her. The support and encouragement she received from fans and the public have strengthened her and provided comfort during challenging times.

With the new season starting on December first in her own Lillehammer, Maren is ready to soar higher than ever before. With her sights set on World Cup glory and ski flying excellence, the ski jumping queen is determined to make her mark on the hills once again.

(Source: Dagbladet & Nettavisen)


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