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Tough summer finals, Anna best Norwegian

The final stage of the summer was set in the Vogtland Arena in Klingenthal. For the Norwegian girls, who made their first SGP starts, it turned out to be tough ride.

Anna Odine Strøm was the best Norwegian of the day (Photo: Hopplandslaget)
Anna Odine Strøm was the best Norwegian of the day (Photo: Hopplandslaget)

The stage was set for the final competition of the Summer Grand Prix. The Vogtland Arena in Klingenthal hosted the girls for an exciting competition. Hopplandslaget sent their best athletes for a final test before the winter season starts later this month.

Best Norwegian

Anna Odine Strøm, contender for next season's crystal globe, was the most solid of the five Norwegian girls who started in Germany. The girl from the north jumped 118 meters in the first round, scoring 96.9 points. In the second, Anna didn't manage to improve and jumped 116.5 meters. She scored 188.1 points, which was enough to finish 13th.

Rough days

Thea Minyan Bjørseth followed Anna and became the second best Norwegian of the day. Jumping 119 meters in round one, which was good enough for 94 points. The second round was not too good for Thea and she only jumped 113.5 meters. Her 176.5 points were good enough for place 16.

It was not the best weekend for Silje Opseth. The ambitious large hill specialist only managed to jump 114.5 meters on the K125, good enough for 83.8 points. She did improve in round two and got to a distance of 116 meters. With a total of 170.4 points, Silje finished 18th.


For Eirin Kvandal, the story was all about gate confusion. It is known that Eirin lowers the gate before a jump and today was no exception. In round one there was already some confusion on the hill, but Eirin jumped. Jumping two positions lower than the other girls, she still jumped 119 meters in the first round, giving her a score of 90.7.

In the second round, coaches decided not to wave the flag for Eirin. She didn't jump and got a DNS (Did not start).

Tough weekend for the Queen

It was a particular tough weekend for the Ski Jumping Queen, Maren Lundby. Coming back from a knee injury, she couldn't hit anything. It resulted in an elimination after round one. Finishing 33rd, Maren jumped short and landed after 99 meters. She had by far one of the worst wind conditions of the round and only scored 59.4 points.

Ema Klinec took the win in front of overall winner Nika Kriznar.

One last dessert

The summer season only has the dessert left. Tomorrow two men and two women will join forces and compete during the mixed team event. That competition starts at 16:00.


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