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World Cup calendar accepted with major imbalances

During the 54th FIS congress, the 2023/2024 World Cup calendar was accepted. It turned out to be a calendar that has potential, but is mostly disappointing. Fortunately, Vikersund is there to save the day.

Maren Lundby will get another chance at winning in Vikersund (Photo: NTB)
Maren Lundby will get another chance at winning in Vikersund (Photo: NTB)

On Wednesday May 24, the FIS Congress accepted the 2023/2024 World Cup calendar. And even though it hadn't changed since the latest draft that was released earlier this month, it would've graced FIS to listen to the fierce criticism the draft received.

It's small hills and major gaps that overshadow the great potential this calendar has. And even though the general consensus within the organization, athletes and fans is that women should have more competitions on large hills, the number actually decreased compared to last season.

It is in particular Austria's small hill policy that raises questions and concerns. While the men get to enjoy the ambiance and hills of the Vier Schanzen, the women have to settle for the bleak hill in Villach. What makes this decision completely incomprehensible is that the competitions are on the same dates. Austria will also host a competition on the smallest hill of the calendar, Hinzenbach. Extra concerning is that women in lower divisions do get the opportunity to jump large hills in Austria.

The gaps in the calendar were already known and are caused by the decision of the Germans to exclude the women in Klingenthal and during the ski flying weekend in Oberstdorf and only host the men. The reason behind this decision has never been given. FIS has officially given the open weekends a "to be determined" status, but optimism that they will be filled is not that high.

New this season are the competitions in Switzerland. For the first time in history, Engelberg will be the scene of the World Cup. It's a good development and it's good to see the women jump in new countries.

Also official now, is the World Cup status for the two ski flying competitions in Vikersund. It will be the grand finale of the season and without a doubt the big highlight. Whether the women will also compete for their own ski flying globe is currently still unknown.


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